About Us

What to say! Well we’re just an average couple making their way in the world who stumbled upon that age old question of, which extractor fan is best for the bathroom? Whilst the answer to this question will most likely come down to personal preference we like to think that using the comparison table on the front of the site we can help you make an informed decision about just which is best for your needs. If all else fails then at least we can hopefully make your choice easier!

Like us you are probably trying to decide which extractor fan will be best for you from the myriad of wonderfull models there are available out there and in your local DIY store. We had a rough idea of the features we wanted but not every model listed the various info we where interested in. Others listed the info but in obscure formats.

With this in mind we began drawing up a table of the various fans and their features, and of course in these eco concious times energy efficiency was one of the more important considerations. However very few, if any, of the fans listed their energy efficiency and so we had to do quite a bit of research into this area which led us to the SFP formula.

It’s then that we realised the information we’d gathered could be quite usefull to others seeking to replace their fan, thus www.bathrenovations.co.uk was born!

P.S. For those curious souls out there, we eventually settled on the Manrose MF100T In-line Fan together with a designer brushed aluminium grill for our own bathroom and couldn’t be happier with it. I got the super quietness this in-line fan offers and the Mrs got her designer front end so we’re both happy with the results.