Bathroom Extractor Fan Kits

As we all know, extractor fans are fantastic things (no pun intended). However, there is much more to the extraction system than a simple fan. Anyone who has tried to fit a fan at home will know themselves that you will also need ducting, grilles and shutters. Not to mention the various mounting brackets, screws and clips needed to connect the different sections together.

It is a fact of DIY life that many fans are bought as described on the packet, a fan and nothing more. Whilst this leaves you free to purchase the necessary parts that will go together to form the complete extraction system, it can be confusing for first time buyers.

If Only They Came in Kit Form

Well the good news is that they do! Many of the popular fans can be purchased in kit form that provides everything you need to mount them, simply add a little elbow grease. These kits can take a lot of the headache out of buying and fitting a fan as they provide everything you need in one bag.

There is no longer the need to source separate parts and trying to determine if it will all match up and work together.

Our Top 3 Extractor Fan Kits

Below you will find our top 3 fan kits that contain everything you need to install and mount your new fan…

#1 Manrose SLKTC 100mm/4″ In-line Axial Fan + Showerlite

Manrose SLKTC In-line Fan + ShowerliteOnce again Manrose have came up with a winner with this complete kit, not only does it feature a powerfull inline fan but it also has the added bonus of a built in shower light. Add in the timer function and stylish chrome front end you have a fantastic unit.

Complete with all of the flexible ducting, grilles, cable ties and mounting brackets you will need this unit is ideal for those seeking an all in one kit. One criticism however would be that it produces around 41 dB of noise when in use, though this will be mitigated somewhat by the fact that it will be up in the loft out of earshot. That said, with just a little hard work you can have your new fan up and running in no time at all.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
Y24 ltr/s10.4W41 dB0.43£££4.5

#2 High Power Inline Loft Mounted Bathroom Extractor Fan Kit

High Power Inline Extractor Fan KitAnother inline mounted fan here and as you’d expect it’s extremely powerfull and comes with all the necessary grilles, ducting and fixtures needed to mount it in your loft. Though you may want to invest in some sound dampening mounting fixtures to minimise any noise. As at 35 dB it’s not the most quiet of fans though certainly not loud enough to be a distraction, especially as it will be mounted out of sight (and ears) in the loft.

This kit is ideal for those seeking a more powerfull fan however all the power comes at a cost with its quite hefty 33W power usage. Not one for the eco conscious that’s for sure, but that apart, it’s a very well put together piece of kit.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
YY51 ltr/s33W35 dB0.65£££££4.4

#3 Xpelair DX100T Toilet Extractor Fan Kit

Xpelair DX100T ReviewThe Xpelair DX100T is one of our fave extractor fans, not least because it comes as a complete kit but also because of its impressive feature list. A decent extraction rate coupled with timer and humidistat options it’s only real down side is the noise level.

It is safe to say it’s not the most silent of fans and whilst the other fans above also have a higher decibel level, they are inline fans and their noise will be mitigated somewhat by being up in the loft or wall cavity. Whereas the Xpelair is designed to fit directly onto your wall or window leaving you exposed to the noise. Definitely worth bearing in mind.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
Y21 ltr/s12W36 dB0.57££4.2


  • Provides everything you need to install your new fan unit in one box.
  • Takes the hassle out of choosing the various different parts.


  • Limits your ability to mix and match fans and grilles to get your ideal combination.


There is no doubting that a good fan kit can make life easier when it comes to fitting a new fan in your bathroom.  Personally we’re huge admirers of all things Manrose and it’s no surprise that once again our number one choice is a Manrose product, the SLKTC 100mm/4″ which contains everything you need to get going, including a light!

However for those seeking a more powerfull unit then the loft mounted kit at number two is a great investment. Between those two you should be able to cover your extractor fan related needs. For those that want more control over the parts used you can of course take a look at our complete list of fans and choose the individual parts that are right for your needs.