Designer Bathroom Extractor Fans

As regular readers will know, my missus is all about the designer finish, no matter what room of the house. I’m sure you’ve encountered the situation before, where you’ve just finished redecorating a room and it just seems to be lacking that little something special. That extra little touch of designer bling as she likes to call it, can help finish any room of the house. Something to catch the eye and give a sense of the luxury to the room, and of course helping you in keeping up with the Joneses.

Now admittedly, extractor fans are not something you would commonly associate with the designer touch but you’d be surprised.

Increasingly you can find stylish designer extractor fans that will add a sparkle to any bathroom. Not only that, you will also find that the fan vents and covers themselves are available in a range of styles, such as brushed aluminium/steel and the ever popular chrome finish. All of which can look a lot better than the plain white plastic that a lot of extractor fan vents come in.

So with a little thought and planning, you too can add that stylish designer touch to your bathroom. With that in mind take a look at our top 3 designer fans below for ideas for your perfect bathroom.

The Top 3 designer bathroom extractor fans

We’ve handpicked some of the most stylish fans around, certain to add the finishing touch any designer bathroom…

#1 Airflow iCON 30 4″ Extractor Fan + Iris Shutter

Closeup view of the Airflow iCON 30This offering from Airflow is one of my favourite fans by far, not least due to its stylish looks but the sleek sliding covers than open up like a blossoming flower when the unit is running, really quite a marvel to see. Available in white, silver, sandstone and anthracite colours, the smooth operating iris shutter really has to be seen to be believed.

Another neat feature of the iCON 30 is its ability to be upgraded via a number of plugin modules. These can add everything from a humidity sensor to motion sensor activation. It really is at the cutting edge of the extractor fan world and its stylish design and looks makes it our #1 choice by a long shot.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
OptionalIris Shutter32 ltr/s30W34.5 dB0.93Optional£££££4.8

#2 Envirovent Silent 100mm Stylish Silver Extractor Fan

Closeup view of the Envirovent Silent 100mm Stylish SilverAnother offering from Envirovents popular range of 100mm fans, this sleek looking silver finish can add a touch of class to any bathroom. Good design isn’t all it has going for it though, with its whisper quiet motor and energy efficiency it’s built for function as well as form.

Offering a reasonable 26 ltr/s extraction rate it’s great for removing condensation from any bathroom. This of course will help prevent mould and damp build up. All without compromising on looks which can often be a rarity in the world of the extractor fan. You can’t go wrong with style and quality in my opinion.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
Y26 ltr/s8W26.5 dB0.31N££££4.3

#3 Designer Metal Bathroom Extractor Fan with Humidity Timer

Designer Metal Bathroom Extractor FanWe love the look of the grille on this fan, it’s certainly unusual when compared to others where you can often see the ugly fan mechanism itself. This unit hides the fan behind its grille without any loss of power at all, rather nifty i must say. Helping it to be one of the best looking fans on the market.

Couple this unit with amazons suggested chrome light pull and switch and you have a simply stunning solution for any contemporary bathroom. A stunning combination certain to add the finishing touch to your bathroom or wet room.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
YY24 ltr/s14W0.58Y££££4.2


  • Designer looks will improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, which is not only good for your own time spent in there but will ensure you’re the envy of friends and family.
  • Adds to the resale value of your home should you decide to sell up and move on.



As you can see above fans come in many different styles and finishes. For those seeking the ultimate in designer bathrooms, a stylish extractor fan is a must and with our top 3 above you’re sure to find the ideal unit.

Personally, i’d say the Airflow iCON 30 is head and shoulders above the rest, particularly with the anthracite finish, and is not only feature packed but offers luxurious style. Coming from one of the bigger names in the fan world you can’t go wrong with it.