How Extractor Fans Can Prevent Mould In The Bathroom

There is nothing quite like taking a nice, hot shower. Along with making you feel great and leaving you clean, a shower is the perfect way to start or end your day. However, every time you shower you potentially put yourself at risk. But, i’m carefull not to slip on the soap i hear you say. Well, that’s not what i’m talking about…

You see, a shower dramatically increases the humidity level in a room, which is why a humidity sensing fan is ideal. In addition, water from the shower can collect in various parts of the bathroom. Both cases will result in water in the air condensing all over the bathroom, creating countless places for mould to grow.

Condensation causes mouldTo help counter the affects of showering, many bathrooms come with a bathroom specific vent. However, these vents are not always good enough to help eliminate the chance of mould and as a result provide significantly less in the way of protection. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Lets take a look at how extractor fans can prevent mould in the bathroom from forming. But first, lets take a closer look at exactly how the conditions to form mould are created and why traditional fans are simply not enough.

How Condensation Forms Inside Your Bathroom

When you take a hot shower, the bathroom fills with thousands of tiny warm water droplets that are suspended in the air. These droplets can build up on all surfaces. As the shower finishes and the air cools in the room, they can condense into larger droplets. When the bathroom door is opened and the hot air and steam escapes, the water droplets are still there.

Even though we can open a window after a shower to let the moist air escape, the condensation that has already formed can be left behind.

Sometimes these droplets will evaporate on their own. Other times however they will become breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. Surfaces that are particularly susceptible to moisture such as wallpaper and wood stand the greatest chances of growing mould on them.

Mould – It’s Really Bad For You and Your Family

Over time and repeated bathroom use, this mould can build up until it becomes visibly noticeable.

What’s worse, the mould doesn’t just stay inside your bathroom. Every time you open the door and let steam and mist escape you are sending water particles throughout your house, greatly increasing the chance for mould to take root.

Once it starts, it can spread quickly, making it a challenge to effectively deal with.

As the mould spreads and grows it will discolour the surfaces of your house. It also increases the chance that you may become sick as some forms of mould can be dangerous to your health, particularly for the young and those with respiratory issues.

The Role Of the Bathroom Fan

One of the best devices to stop bathroom mould is the bathroom fan. Normally placed in the bathroom as either a ceiling, wall or window mounted device, the idea is simple. Every time moisture starts to build up in the room, the fan extracts the moisture out, stopping it from accumulating in the air. Thus preventing condensation from forming on your walls, ensuring mould and mildew never has the conditions required to start growing.

These fans normally have to be turned on when showering or bathing starts and stay on until well after you are done to ensure that moisture can fully escape. For this reason most fans will come with an overrun timer that will enabled them to run even after you have left the bathroom.

These fans come in a range of styles and functions as regular readers will know, one of our favourites is the humidity sensing fan that automatically comes on when the humidity level in your bathroom reaches a certain level. Others will come on when the light switch is turned on, or even via a separate pull cord.

These fans will then extract the moist air and disperse it outside via ducting and an external grille. This ensures your bathroom remains moisture free all year round.

So before things like sickness and illness occur, it is a good idea to install a system that you can trust.

Why You Should Want an Extractor Fan

Extractor fans are specifically designed to whisk moisture laden air away from the bathroom. Coming in an a range of sizes and power, these days you can find a unit that not only fits in with your bathrooms style and design but that also has all the features you could possibly want. Becomingly increasingly quiet, these fans provide a necessary service while also running at a barely audible hum, guaranteeing that they will not be too distracting whilst you enjoy your bath or shower.

Extractor fans installed correctly will provide the necessary power to ensure that moisture is removed from your bathroom. With ductwork that brings this air out of your home, you can be sure that the risk of mould will be kept to a minimum, making your interior a happy, healthier place to live. Not to mention that adding an extractor fan to your bathroom can help save on any unexpected repair bills due to mould damage!