Humidity Sensor Extractor Fans for Bathrooms

Whilst there are a number of different ways to turn on your extractor fan, including via a pull-cord, infra-red sensor or in combination with your light switch, it is the humidity sensing fan that truly catches the eye. Using a simple humidistat sensor these fans are capable of turning themselves on and off depending on the relative humidity of your bathroom.

Thus they will automatically come on whilst you’re showing, allowing your extractor fan to clear the room of any steam or overly moist air. This is a great little feature to have on any fan as no longer due you have to manually switch your fan on or off. Instead they will simply turn themselves on when they detect moisture in the air and turn themselves off when the fan has done its job of extracting the wet air from your bathroom.

A simple idea but one that is really one of those special quality of life features. Thus you will find that fans that feature a humidistat tend to rank rather highly in our list of the best. The only downside is that they can take a little experimenting with when initially setting up your humidistat.

The reason is that you don’t want your extractor fan coming on if you’re just running the bathroom tap for a few seconds. Thus you will need to experiment with the setting on your fan to find the relative humidity that is right for you and your home.

Our Top 3 Humidity Sensing Extractor Fans

Below you will find our top 3 fans that all feature humidistat sensors…

#1 Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan Humidistat & Timer

The Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan comes with a humidity sensor built inRegular readers probably won’t be surprised to find the Envirovent Silent 100 HT taking our number one spot. Quite simply this little unit has everything once could possibly want from a fan, it’s quiet, energy efficient and offers a decent extraction rate. With the added bonus that it also features a quality humidistat that can be adjusted in sensitivity between 60% and 90% RH.

Couple this with the usual features you’d expect to see in a top of the line extractor fan and you have one of the best fans on the market today.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
YY26 ltr/s8W26.5 dB0.31Y£££££4.7

#2 Silent Extractor Fan with Humidity, Low Noise, Low Energy

Silent Extractor Fan with HumidistatThis offering from Silenta comes with all the usual features you’ve come to expect from a quality fan. Whilst we can’t say this is silent as it’s just not true, that said though it is certainly on the quieter end of the scale at 26dB and is reasonably energy efficient with a SFP efficiency of around 0.26. Best of all though is that is features a humidistat that will let the fan run long after you’ve left the bathroom as it continues to lower the moisture level of the bathroom down to your desired level.

Featuring the somewhat standard 60% to 90% adjustable humidistat this is a great little fan, however for just an extra twenty pound or so you could get the Envirovent above which is truly an impressive fan.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
YY21 ltr/s5.5W26 dB0.26Y£££4.3

#3 Designer Metal Bathroom Extractor Fan with Humidity Timer

Designer Metal Bathroom Extractor FanThose of you who are looking to combine style with their humidity sensing bathroom fan could do a lot worse than this offering from Fantronix. With its sleek silver brushed aluminium finish it will be well at home in any designer bathroom. Combine its looks with a strong 24 ltr/s extraction rate, overrun timer and back draught shutter and you have a very, very capable fan. Again the usual adjustable humidistat can be found in this model, giving you peace of mind as the fan effectively controls the humidity levels in your bathroom.

If i was to pick one fault with the unit then it would be its relatively poor energy efficiency compared to the other units above. This is mostly down to its fairly hefty 14W power usage.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
YY24 ltr/s14W0.58Y££££4.2


  • Supreme efficiency as the fan only runs when there is actual moisture or condensation build up in the room.
  • Saves a small amount of money compared to cord activated fans due to its efficiency and the ability to turn itself off when the moisture has been removed.
  • Much more user friendly than other fans as there is no need to remember to turn them on or off.


  • Not so good with odours unless manually activated. Thus is more suited to a purely wet room as opposed to a combined shower/toilet space.
  • Can be tricky to initially find the right settings for your home.


As you can see there are a range of different humidity sensor extraction fans available for your bathroom and shower. All of which will be more than capable fans, however for me there is one stand out performer here, and that is the Envirovent Silent 100 HT.

Quite simply put it’s got the lot, everything you could possibly want from an extractor fan and at a pretty decent price too.

Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look at our complete list of the top extractor fans available today and I’m sure you will agree it’s the stand out humidistat model.