Shower Extractor Fans with Light

We all have extractor fans in our bathrooms, it’s because they allow us to keep the air within our bathrooms as clean as possible. There’s a big difference between clean and dirty air, especially when it comes to your bathroom. Think about all of the things that take place in your washroom, and then think about whether you’d like that bacteria to stick around in the air or not.

So having an extractor fan is a no brainer, but what about one that doubles as a light. To the extent that you wouldn’t even realise it was also a fan, until of course you turned the light/fan on and it started sucking out the moist air from your room.

These extractor fans with lights are great for use near the shower or over the bathroom sink. Not only will they best illuminate the area in question but also are directly placed to extract the humid air or any pesky smells from your bathroom. Neat huh? Yes, we think so too.

Not to mention they look pretty stylish as well, with many designer homes opting for such light fan combos these days. With strong overhead lighting being so vital in the bathroom due to the need for being able to see every knook and cranny so to speak. It is not hard to see why they are growing in popularity no matter whether you plan on lighting up your shower space or any other area of the bathroom.

The Top 3 Bathroom/Shower Extractor Fans with Lights

Whilst there are many suitable fans available on the market, in our opinion the top 3 are as follows…

#1 Manrose 100mm Shower LED Light Extractor Fan

The Manrose 100mm Shower LED Light Extractor FanOne of the best things about this shower fan light is that it comes with everything you will need to install in one simple kit. It offers a decent extraction rate of 24 l/s and is compliant with both Parts F & L of the building regulations so you can use this fan right above the shower area itself. Whilst a little on the loud side, it’s worth noting that the fan itself is mounted inline in your attic or wall cavity so actual sound levels will be reduced considerably.

It should be noted that this is the LED version of the Manrose shower light and that you can also get a standard light for quite a ways cheaper here. Though personally we prefer the LED version as it’s much more energy efficient and will last longer.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
YY24 ltr/s10.4W37 dB0.43N££££4.7

#2 Vent Axia 188110 Luminaire L Combined Extract Fan & Light

Closeup of the Vent Axia 188110 Luminaire L Extractor FanAs you might expect from the guys at Vent Axia the Luminaire L is one of the higher quality fans on the market and is ideal for mounting directly over the shower space. It’s soft light can illuminate even the dingiest of bathrooms helping you to make sure every inch of you is squeaky clean.

With its robust styling it’s easy to clean and extracts an impressive 31 ltr/s however with 20W power consumption it’s not the most efficient of fans. Though this is the price you pay for powerfull extraction. The only true downside to this unit is that it doesn’t come with an overrun timer by default, though it is available on the Luminaire T version which is also available from Amazon.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
NN31 ltr/s20W35 dB0.64N££££4.6

#3 Xpelair BX100C In-Line Shower Fan

Closeup view of BX100C Britex 100mm Chrome Shower FanOur 3rd offering comes from the experts over at Xpelair and is certainly one of the more stylish designs around. With it’s sexy chrome surround and focused dichroic lamp it looks great in any contemporary bathroom.  Coming as a complete kit with transformer, fan, ducting and external grill it has everything you will need to get started installing your new fan.

However, there is a downside as the fan only extracts around 16 litres per second. Whilst this may not be a problem as such when you consider it’s drawing a whopping 30W of power it makes this unit one of the least energy efficient fans we’ve reviewed so far!

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
NN16 ltr/s30W36 dB1.87N£££££4.0


  • Stylish designs can help hide otherwise ugly looking fan vents.
  • Provides strong overhead lighting where it is most needed.


  • Not as energy efficient as other fans, though this is mainly down to the inclusion of the light/LED.

Clean Dry Air & Brightly Lit Shower Areas

There are way too many useless applications in your washroom. I mean, honestly, how often am I going to use a toothbrush that plays music? I’d rather just play music while I brushed my teeth the good old fashioned way. Something you can’t cheap out on, however, would be the shower extractor fan.

If you don’t maintain clean air, it could lead to an abundance of health problems, all of which aren’t going to be easy to deal with. Most of them are going to pertain to your respiratory system, and the last thing anyone wants interfering with is there breathing. Ailments like that are never easy to handle, especially when in worst case scenarios they can get pretty severe.

It’s going to need a light, as they’re usually located smack dab in the middle of your bathrooms ceiling. Going to the washroom without a light doesn’t exactly seem practical, does it? Especially if like me you often get up in the middle of the night to visit the toilet.

So the only question that remains is, what do you need from your fan…

What Should You Look For in a Fan Light?

There’s way too many things to do with shower extractor fans for you not to make use of them. If you care about the air in your wet room, you’re going to make use of one; just make sure you find the right one! The perfect fit is going to be one that isn’t too large, but isn’t too small as well.

If the fan isn’t large enough you won’t have the proper amount of power at hand, and if it’s too big there might be a little too much (and you might start a small tornado in your bathroom! Figuratively, of course).

Extractor fans come in all different shapes and sizes, and that includes those with lights. Some can actually manage the climate in your bathroom, via a humidistat, as well as extract fumes. Regular readers will know we’re a huge fan (no pun intended) of those humidity sensing fans. Couple them with a timer and you have the perfect fan in our books.


They’re pretty affordable too, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get one for yourself. That’s the sweet part, because saving money is always going to put a smile on your face!

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with the Manrose LED Light as not only does it come with the entire kit you need to install it, it also features a timer and draught shutter as standard. When you consider that it is also by far the most energy efficient of the light fans here then it’s not hard to see why it’s come out as our number one rated fan. An absolute bargain.