Silent Bathroom Extractor Fans

They say silence is golden, and in my house that certainly holds true. There is nothing i enjoy better than some peace and quiet and it would seem that more and more of you would agree as you opt for silent bathroom extractor fans. For some of us it helps us relax whilst laying in the bath, taking in the serenity of the moment without your fan sounding like a helicopter taking off! For others, even the sound of the fan coming on during the night as someone visits the bathroom is enough to wake us up from a peacefull slumber.

The good news  is that there is a solution in the form of silent fans, though perhaps that’s a bit misleading. For whilst no extractor fan can be truly silent, there is a lot that can be done to make them quiet.

How do you Make an Extractor Fan Run Quietly?

One of the most effective means is to mount an inline fan in the attic where the natural insulation will help lower the noise. However increasingly more and more fans are being designed from the get to go to be as quiet as possible.

Improvements in modern design allow fans to use more efficient bearings to reduce friction and noise. More efficient motors and blades allow fans to extract the same amount of air at a lower rpm. For inline fans your options are greater as you can add soundproofing materials around the fan, being carefull not to obstruct the flow or intake of air.

However by far the best method is to start with a fan that is as quiet as possible, such as the options listed below all of which have a low operating dB level, helping you keep the peace and quiet in your own home.

The Top 3 Silent Bathroom Extractor Fans

If it is silence you seek then it is silence you will get from our selection of the 3 most quiet fans below, all proven to offer the lowest level of decibels…

#1 Manrose QF100T “Quiet” Extractor Fan with Timer

The Best Bathroom Extractor Fans in the UKThis one is the winner of so many of our categories it’s starting to feel like an old friend. The QF100T is probably the best selling extractor fan in the UK and with a decibel level of 27 dB when in use it’s not hard to see why. Quiet, reasonable power and with super low energy consumption this unit has the lot.

Couple that with a timer and ease of install the guys at Manrose have done it again, a sure fire winner in our books.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
YY21 ltr/s4.8W27 dB0.23££4.8

#2 Manrose MF100T In-line Extractor Fan + Timer

The Manrose Mf100t In-line Extractor Fan With Timer has exceptional power

Regular readers will no doubt recognise this unit as one of our top rated inline fans here, and whilst this still holds true many may not have noticed that it is also one of the most quiet fans around. At a barely audible 24 dB this thing is super quiet. Couple that with the fact its an inline unit and usually mounted out of the way in the loft then you can easily see why you’ll barely notice this fan is on. That is of course if it wasn’t for the vast 68 ltr/s of air it can shift from your bathroom.

Powerfull, quiet and reasonably priced, you can’t really go wrong with this offering from the clever clogs over at Manrose. They’ve really pulled out all the stops here and it’s why its our #2 rated silent fan.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
Y68 ltr/s25W24 dB0.37£££££4.7

#3 Vent-Axia Silent Fan – VASF100T

Vent-Axia Silent Fan - VASF100TThe hugely popular VASF100T from the fantastic guys at Vent Axia is proving to be quite the hit. It manages to couple all the usual features you’d expect from a quality extractor fan and as well as an impressively low sound level of 26 dB.

When you factor in the lower power usage and reasonable energy efficiency it’s not hard to see why it’s growing in popularity. In fact, i would even go out on a limb and say with just a small decrease in price this unit could well climb our overall ratings  and challenge for the number one position!

Overall a thoroughly competent fan and about as quiet as you can get.

Overrun TimerDraught ShutterExtraction RatePower UsageDecibelsSFP EfficiencyHumidity SensorPriceRating
YY21 ltr/s6.8W26 dB0.32££££4.2

Reasons Your Fan Isn’t As Quiet As It Should Be

Time and time again i’m asked this question and generally the answer is always the same…. you’ve mounted it poorly! Poor mounting means the fan is free to vibrate and it’s these vibrations that account for the most noise produced. So check and double check you have your fan mounted securely to its surface.

Another common and relatively unknown reason for fan noise is your ducting, or to be more precise the vent where air flows into your fan/ducting. Without a back draught shutter here, outside winds can easily blow back through your ducting causing excessive noise.


  • Silence can help you relax in the tub and remain asleep at night when others visit the bathroom.
  • Modern life can be stressfull enough never mind not being able to hear yourself think in your own bathroom, which is why a silent fan is ideal.


  • This is a rarity but we’re unable to think of a single negative point with silent fans, after all, silence is golden!


If you’re looking for the absolute most quiet fan you can find then the Manrose MF100T Inline is the best choice for you. Tucked away in the attic it’s super low noise output will mean you barely notice it, if at all. Not to mention that it is one of, if not the best silent bathroom extractor fans available in the UK.

For those looking for an easier install then both the Manrose QF100T and the Vent-Axia VASF100T are fan-tastic options, no pun intended!